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Payoff those high interest credit cards with our Consolidation Loan. Our fixed rate as low as 8.99% APR can save you money in finance charges. 

Loan Products

Check out our Low Loan Rates!

A wide variety of loan programs are available to qualified members. Please review the various loan programs and then use the "Loan Rates" link below to view our current loan rates. Payroll deduction, automatic payment transfers, and cash payment through coupon books are all available for loan repayments.

Collateral loans are loans that the credit union obtains a security interest, or lien, on the collateral being used to secure the loan. These loans generally have a lower interest rate because of the risk. The value of the collateral offered must either meet or exceed the requested loan amount.Because the credit union has a security interest in the collateral, the member is generally required to maintain insurance to protect the collateral. FOR SECURED LOANS, PLEASE REFER TO THE "LOAN RATES" LINK ABOVE FOR REPAYMENT TERMS AND ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE INFORMATION.

Secured Loans

Personal Loans

PERSONAL LOANS have no collateral offered except a security interest on shares in the event of default. Interest rates are typically higher because of the added risk so members should consider using equity in collateral items listed above when available. Please note that new members to NAECU are limited to no more than $1,500 during their first 90-days of membership. PLEASE VIEW THE "LOAN RATES" LINK FOR TERMS AND CONDITIONS.