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April is Youth Month! $25 bonus dividend on all new youth accounts & new youth checking accounts. All new youth checking accounts opened during April will be eligible for a drawing to win $100. Special CD offers for all youth members PLUS a drawing among all youth accounts to win $100. 


North Alabama Educators Credit Union is committed to bringing quality services to members of the credit union. Members are Priority #1 and everything we do is designed to enhance member service and provide genuine value.

Services offered to members of North Alabama Educators Credit Union have adapted over the years to respond to the financial needs of our members. Our list of services will continue to evolve as new services and products become available. New services are added when it is determined that a sufficient number of members will benefit from the additional service and the cost is reasonable to credit union operations.

The following is a list of current services available to members of North Alabama Educators Credit Union:

North Alabama Educators Credit Union maintains ATM's at our main office location, Sparkman branch office, Athens branch office, and inside the MoJo's Convenience Store next to the Calhoun Community College main campus. Members can access their account(s) at any ATM which displays a STAR logo. Surcharge Free ATM withdrawals are available at ATM's displaying the CO-OP ATM Network. Debit Card holders can also utilize any ATM's that have a Mastercard logo. Debit Card members can also obtain "cash-back" at merchant Point of Sale terminals that offer the "cash-back" option in addition to the cost of items being purchased.
These debit cards look like a credit card but deduct purchases and ATM transactions from the checking account. They are accepted anywhere that accepts MasterCard. The Check Card provides worldwide access for member purchases and cash withdrawals. Visit the "News and Tips" page for some of the other advantages of a Check Card.
This free service provides 24 hour member access to account information, general credit union information, and financial transactions within the credit union. MemberLink can be accessed by calling toll-free 1-800-945-8815.
Account access is available through the internet on our secure site utilizing the latest security features. Please visit the "E-Services" page for details.
Members can have all or a portion of their paycheck deposited automatically to the credit union. Members can preauthorize multiple distributions once the deposit is received. This is a great method for loan payments, savings plans, and avoiding deposit lines on payday.
Our Share Draft account also offers qualified members Overdraft Protection. Members may be eligible for an Overdraft Protection Loan that will advance loan amounts to the checking account for a $2.50 fee. Members do need to contact a Loan Officer to apply for an Overdraft Protection Loan.
Members age 55 and over can receive special benefits and services as a Gold Plus Member. These benefits include discounted annual rent on Safe Deposit Boxes (see savings below); no charge for money orders, cashiers checks, and free Gold Plus checks for those members who maintain a $1,000 balance or have direct deposit with the credit union.
Special savings club for children age 12 and under. Club members receive free ice cream with each deposit, compete in contests throughout the year, and receive periodic special mailings just for children. Holidays during the year also provides additional fun activities for children in the Kirby Kangaroo Club.
Claim Your YouthTeens age 13 to 17 receive discounts on entertainment, dining, and retail establishments. Various contests among club members are conducted during the year. Credit union give away items are provided at different intervals. Click here to learn more!
MAIN OFFICE LOCATION ONLY. Protects valuables and important documents in a secure location. Available sizes and annual rent cost are as follows:
Size Cost Cost for Gold Plus Members
3x5 $25 $22.50
3x10 $45 $40.50
5x10 $65 $58.50
10x10 $105 $94.50