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Our lobbies are open with nose/mouth coverings & social distancing. Check out our LOW auto rates. Good time to purchase or refinance with 90 days until the 1st payment available.

Emergency Relief Skip-A-Payment

North Alabama Educators Credit Union realizes that many members have been impacted financially by the COVID-19 Pandemic. To assist our members with existing loans with the credit union, we are offering two (2) payment skips without a fee on any loan with the credit union. This includes mortgage loans if needed. Interest will continue to accrue on any loans skipped and the overall term(s) of any loans skipped will be extended as a result.

IMPORTANT: For any members who have purchased GAP protection on their auto loans those contracts allow for a total of 5 skips over the life of the loan so some skip amounts may not be covered under the GAP protection plan. The loan(s) requested for skips do need to have been current prior to this pandemic situation. All borrowers, co-makers and/or guarantors must sign this form. (Complete separate form for additional borrowers).

Please provide the following information for your Skip-A-Payment request:

Skip-A-Payment Authorization Form